FINAL_cover_shotsbook (1)Sometimes a kid can explain something better to a kid.

The Shots Book; A Little Brother’s Superhero Tale is an illustrated children’s book written by teen author, Ethan Posard, that explains how vaccines work, how they protect our health, and protect the health of others in our community. Ethan is the “little brother” featured in the award-winning documentary, Invisible Threat, and now shares his real life story about discovering the importance of herd immunity when his new puppy, who was too young to be vaccinated, gets sick. Ethan and his puppy become community immunity superheroes in a delightful story after getting their vaccines. The book also gives easy to follow tips to make your doctor’s visit a little easier.


“This is everything I wish I had known when I was getting my kindergarten shots”~ Author Ethan Posard
That was easyThe Shots Book is dedicated to the children who must rely on herd immunity to keep them safe. Those kids fighting cancer, needing transplants, or battling other diseases are the real heroes and Ethan wants them to know they have a friend who cares. #IAmTheHerd

Book sales fund pediatric health education campaigns. Contact us for FREE “FightFlu” or “Immunized and #SchoolReady” stickers to promote a healthier community.
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